This will be the last post for Soucie on Soccer.  For a long time I’ve been going back and forth about covering other sports.  My work with Tusker House has shown that I love other sports just as much as soccer, and I plan on running with that love.  Don’t worry though, because the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Soucie on Soccer is becoming Last Second Score, a blog focusing on all sports instead of just soccer.  Soccer will still get PLENTY of coverage on the site, but now I will have the freedom to write about more than just the beautiful game.  LSS also gives me the chance to add writers to the staff without feeling like a fraud since it isn’t just my name in the title.

Please give Last Second Score a chance.  As a thanks to everyone that has supported SoS, my first original (read: NOT counting the reposting of my Orlando Sentinel freelance pieces on HS Football piece will be about soccer ).  I’ll be starting my coverage of the MLS Cup playoffs once the teams are set this coming weekend.

Radio Appearance

On Wednesday night (10/7/09), I’ll be joining Brant Parsons as a fill-in cohost for Soccer Weekly on 740 The Game AM.  We’ll be talking USMNT, the upcoming World Cup qualifiers, a little EPL, and maybe even a little bit of MLS.  The show is streamed live online, so if you live outside the Orlando area, you can still listen in online.

Jimmy Conrad’s Back – USMNT Qualifiers Roster Released

Bob Bradley has released the roster for the final two World Cup qualifying matches.  Surprises are few and far between.  Given the importance of these matches, especially the road match in Honduras, Bradley needs to go with the absolute best lineup he can. Continue reading

The Playoff Picture :: Week 28

Since not much changed last week, there was no reason to do a Week 27 update.  This week, after some of the big games, I’m back with an update on the 2009 MLS Cup Playoffs picture. Continue reading

The Playoff Picture :: Week 26

With roughly five weeks left in the MLS season, it’s time to look at the playoff picture.  This weekend’s games shook up the playoff chase a little, but most of the teams are set.  It’ll take some strong performances by the bubble teams to make into the second season.  Here’s how things look. Continue reading

Winning Ugly – USMNT Beats Trinidad on the Road 1-0

Tonight’s match was one of those games.  You know, the ones where people watch because ESPN has been hyping the World Cup the last few days, and then are bored out of their minds because nothing happens for ninety-five percent of the match?  That’s what the USMNT put on display tonight.  Still, a win’s a win.  Right? Continue reading

USMNT v. El Salvador Post-match Thoughts

I never thought a soccer match could make me as disgusted as I was tonight.  In CONCACAF, the refs are usually better at hiding their bias.  There will be some terrible calls, but much of the game is even.  Tonight was a new low, even for CONCACAF.  Had I not gone out to watch the game with the Orlando Soccer Supporters Club, I would have turned it off.  I’m still amazed the US managed a victory. Continue reading